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I've been singing folk songs in clubs and sessions for many years. I'm also a member of the three part harmony group Thrup'nny Bits and the shanty crew Sharp As Razors. I sing unaccompanied and very much in the traditional style, although some of my material is drawn from more recent offerings. I've sung with Ninepenny Marl from which group Thrup'nny Bits had it's beginnings.


As part of these groups and also as a solo artist, I've appeared at a number of folk festivals and been booked at folk clubs particularly in the Midlands area. With Sharp As Razors I've, been to a number of Shanty Festivals and am a member of Shanty UK. With Thrup'nny Bits I've appeared at Cecil Sharp House for a Folk 21 event.


Having recorded with all of the groups mentioned, I decided in 2014 that I should record a solo CD and this was released in 2015 to some acclaim. This album is called "Good For Nothing" and has eighteen tracks with over 60 minutes of music, but is offered at a budget price.

In 2019 I added to my my recordings with a CD/EP called "An Old Fossil" which has three self penned songs including "The Neo-Liberal Anthem or Rolling Back The Welfare State" plus four other tracks from the folk cannon and which is available from me from me for just £2.

During lockdown in 2020, I determined to maintain some semblance of sanity by recording some songs that I've quite liked and some new material. This started life as an EP but tooko on a life of its own and is now a CD. Mainly this is from the traditional cannon, but three songs are new and recorded with the author's consent and blessings. This is Des Patalong At Sea and is a collection of sea songs and shanties available for £5.

Examples of songs I sing and my style of singing

can be found at the following link:

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